We are working with over 1000 UK companies and have established a 100% track record in improving clients direct hire strategy through advanced technology to improve efficiency’s.


Our award winning web based recruitment service, Smart Recruit Online, is an industry leader of Innovation in Recruitment. Our system comprehensively addresses the 6 biggest recruitment challenges facing businesses today.

SRO combines intelligent automated online recruitment solutions with the most efficient recruitment processes, tailored specifically to each customers’ requirements and supported by a world class customer support team who are highly passionate about exceeding customer expectations. The last 12 months of statistics demonstrate:
Consistent improvements to direct applicant quality
Huge reductions in the time you spend on recruitment activity
Reducing time to hire by more than 25%
Reduce recruitment costs by more than 50% (Our average cost per hire is under £250)
Maximise your brand exposure to over 80% of the relevant active market place
Work with you to generate a world class recruitment service


With SRO you can manage all your recruitment activity from one dashboard, anywhere that has internet access in the world.

We utilise over 4500 job advertising channels and social media sites for one very low fixed fee.

Post your vacancy into all the free media channels including your own career page, social media sites, the job board network and to any 3rd party agency suppliers at the click of one button.

Providing the very best + latest tools available to recruiters and supported by a management team with over 100 years of recruitment experience, to help you utilise our platform as the centre-piece to creating the very best recruitment solution for your company.

Contact us to arrange a short demonstration and to discuss a 6 month free trial of the service.


No sign up fees
No long contracts
No IT integration
Virtually No training


Key Benefits

Reducing recruitment costs
Improving the quality and quantity of direct applications
Improving efficiency removing time out of the recruitment process
Better use of both internal and external talent pools
Reduce the risk of making a bad hiring decision
Centralizing all recruitment to a single easy to use dashboard

Purchase a license for full unlimited access to all innovation profiles on LEO

  • Direct connection to thousands of more innovations
  • Access to market Experts and Universities
  • Filter relevant solutions into your own dedicated Network