An advanced system that will alert you as to which employees will make the wrong decisions that will impact your business, clients or reputation - but before the mistakes are made


Despite nearly all employees being trained, qualified or experienced, mistakes are still being made and opportunities missed, many of these resulting in significant financial, operational or reputational costs.

Major corporations use the Pure Measures approach because of its analytics that accurately identify the hidden and underlying risks and missed opportunities present in their organisations.

But, if they are wrong in areas that are crucial to your business, the risk to reputation, financial stability, and even human life, can be considerable; not to mention the cost of lost opportunities.

That’s why we have a scientific way to tip the balance in your favour; to make your organisation wise before the event.

Key Benefits

A Scientific Approach
In any area crucial to your organisation’s success, Pure Measures uses its in-depth, live data analysis to determine the operational confidence of each employee, providing you with a unique understanding of your risk and opportunity profile.

A Deeper Understanding
Data analytics lead us to identify the precise risks and missed opportunities present in your organisation. These insights enable you to understand the impact of your employees’ operational decisions and actions at a deeper and more commercial level than ever before.

A Decisive Action
Based on this leading-edge approach and analysis, Pure Measures gives you, and your employees, the confidence to make the right decisions and take the right actions, identifying missed opportunities and preventing costly mistakes before they impact your bottom line.


We are specialists in what we do. Our founding partners having worked across more than 50 countries and in almost every sector, using their considerable experience and expertise to help senior stakeholders in over 100 of the world’s largest corporations.

Our projects range from 250 to 25,000 people in any job role; from rules to regulations, processes to procedures, operational requirements to safety, compliance to sustainability, and many more.

So confident are we in our approach, we only work with clients who have the resources, commitment and integrity to act on the insights we generate.

In return, we will give your organisation, and its employees, the confidence to take the right actions every time.

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