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Onyu is a mobile and desktop application that delivers the first truly secure and frictionless way to store personal details. Onyu’s leading edge security allows its users to store any information from contacts details, logins, passport information with the confidence that we can’t view, use or sell it to 3rd parties.

The app not only allows you to store information but share it easily with your contacts and businesses.

Users experience reduced time updating contacts when situations change, as Onyu updates all your contacts automatically. Onyu can also be used to buy products and services pushing your information where it’s needed, never entering information more than once! 

Our mission is to give our users back control of their information and use it in ways that benefit their lives.

Onyu’s business offering not only improves the customer experience through its one click purchase, but increases customer conversion rates for businesses increasing user interaction and revenue.

There are on going advantages for businesses. With a connection through Onyu to their customers, businesses have up to date information continuing a frictionless customer experience but also adding to successful marketing efforts.

Onyu Own Your Information!

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