Operational Tunnel Vehicle (OTV); 

intuitive, low-skill in-use, camber/high centre of gravity-tolerant, new vehicle type/s, to traverse a 3m diameter tunnel.


Operational Tunnel Vehicle (OTV);

Patent-granted automotive suspension system enables zero-emission, all electric (with option of battery-swapping), intuitive, low-skill in-use, camber/high centre of gravity-tolerant, new vehicle type/s, fully-enclosed 0.8m wide, to traverse a 3m diameter, circular section tunnel, travelling at 14km/hr and carrying two people.

It can support two operatives (weight capacity of up to 150kg) in escaping from a tunnel environment in the instance of a fire or in the instance a member of the working party becomes injured. 

Each wheel is independently suspended, allowing the vehicle to 'ride' the curved tunnel walls if needed.

It can have lifting points. 

It can transport these two operatives through the tunnel lengths, of up to 14.4km, in order to perform operation and maintenance activities, at a max speed of 14km/hr and can have sufficient storage space for a first aid kit, defibrillator and lightweight tools up to 50kg (up to 800mm storage width). 

It is able to tow an attached one-wheel or two-wheel stretcher/trailer that would support the evacuation of a casualty in the event of an emergency. 

It can have access to a hatch opening. 

The vehicle can be fully enclosed, semi-enclosed or open, depending on client requirement; 

2.4m long x 0.85m wide x 1.6m high, fully enclosed, 30 degrees from vertical camber.
2.4m long x 0.8m wide x 1.6m high, semi-enclosed with roll-cage, 30 degrees from vertical camber.
2.2m long x 0.6m wide x 1m high, fully open, 45 degrees from vertical camber.

It is failsafe in all scenarios.

Rubber tyres insulate the occupants and stretcher-user from stray power, occupants may be shielded from water-splashes. Helmet does not need to be worn but vehicle is tall enough to allow this.

The technology is vehicle power-source agnostic, so future-proofed. Vehicles may be manned, autonomous or remote-driven/tele-operated.

Future uses;
Beyond OTV, road-going versions of the vehicles enabled have the ability to help balance peak demands on the power-grid infrastructure, especially in cities with the ongoing electrification of mobility. Recharging/battery-swapping requires approximately one quarter to one third the power/time of conventional size cars. All the comfort and convenience of a car, with parking/congestion-busting, zero-emission and affordability advantages too.

...and fun to drive!

In our emerging-field, Stryker tech-enabled vehicles represent a realistic way of persuading reluctant, habitual motorists out of overly-wide, polluting, energy/resource-wasteful cars/vans/taxis/PHVs, including all-electric and hybrids ones, which also cause congestion. Stryker-enabled vehicles fill a market gap between cars/motorbikes.

Look forward to presenting this significant technology breakthrough in-person or online.

We would be delighted to present this unique, patent-granted, problem-solving innovation in person or online please.

Key Benefits

Operational Tunnel Vehicle (OTV)

 is ultra-narrow, ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight, range and zero emission appropriate for effective and safe tunnel operation.


Operational Tunnel Vehicle (OTV) for easy, safe and quick access to service tunnels.

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