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Oplift is a digital operations platform which boosts employee performance, communications, engagement and compliance in large enterprise companies.


Oplift is a digital operations platform for companies with large workforces. It informs and trains employees, keeps your business compliant, ensures things actually get done and speeds up operations. The platform is colourful and its design is really simple so it’s nice and easy to use for all employees. In large companies, it is common to see problems with staff turnover and employee performance plus poor customer service and compliance. This is down to poor communication, manual processes and embarrassing outdated legacy tech platforms. Our platform solves this by providing employees with the digital tools they need to keep them motivated, informed and compliant. It stops large companies from being slow-moving and less efficient and gives them the speed and agility they need to succeed. The platform incorporates operations and compliance support features with gamification, communication, and microlearning capabilities. Its data analytics allows you to view insights from all activities and tasks going on in your business. These activities and tasks include; health and safety, risk management, site visits, audits, internal comms, learning, operations, customer service and sales, compliance, employee engagement, onboarding and preboarding. You can get a birds-eye view and see what’s happening at all times and take action to improve or fix problems. Virgin Media saw an 80% reduction in the time taken to do certain tasks because Oplift massively increases productivity and efficiency. There is no other single tool that connects all of the needs of a large distributed workforce. The all-encompassing app allows you to view knowledge, culture and compliance levels across your entire business whether you have hundreds or billions of employees. You will always be able to keep your finger on the pulse. Used by customers such as Virgin Media, Tesco Mobile and Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We’ve seen customers increase their sales by 300%, team knowledge by 8% and become 100% compliant. Along with a 99% usage rate across an entire workforce, 10% boost in customer satisfaction/NPS scores and 65% of staff even play our eLearning game in their own time.

Key Benefits

#1 Increased productivity. Employees can find information, carry out tasks and learn in a fraction of the time that they usually take to do day to day tasks. one customer saw an 80% reduction in the time taken to do in-store audits. #2 Increased engagement. The platform includes microlearning, gamification, rewards, recognition and notifications to help employees feel motivated, recognised and happy in their role. Our customers have seen a 99% usage rate across their whole workforce. The app's preboarding and onboarding app also reduces first day no-shows and new starter drop-off rates by keeping them engaged and informed from the day they say yes to your offer of employment. #3 Achieve a 100% compliant team and gain control of risk management. The platform's reporting, insights, task management, training and article acknowledgements features make it effortless to keep your team informed and compliant. The app makes it simple to streamline your compliance efforts and easily monitor any potential risks. Oplift helps you to react quickly to any problems or hazards, make smarter decisions and gain control of your workplace safety. Our customers have had a 100% compliant team since deploying Oplift. #4 Increased sales. When you have a brick and mortar store you have to beat the competition from eCommerce stores by providing exceptional customer service. Oplift makes all of your employee's experts in their field. Microlearning ensures that employees learn every day even when they 'have no time for learning', gamification keeps them engaged and the knowledgebase provides 'just in time' learning so they can learn as they go on the job. Virgin Media saw sales increases 2.2% every month and their NPS scores increased by 10% in the first three months of deploying the platform. Another customer saw their sales increase by 300% due to engaging employees with their upselling.


Audits Health and Safety Risk Management Site Visits Internal Comms Compliance Operations Preboarding Onboarding Employee Engagement Customer Service and Sales HR Learning and Development

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