Optical display system doubles the resolution of virtual reality wearable displays


The optical system resolves the low image resolution issues associated with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) heads-up systems. AR/VR display technologies include immersive video games and interactive 3D graphics. This technology effectively doubles the resolution of head-mounted devices without requiring expensive or complex parts. One approach to resolving AR/VR low-resolution issues is to produce an offset to the display pixels using time-multiplexing (that is, displaying an image for the first frame, and then an offset image for the second, offset frame). However, such methods have only worked in projectors where the form-factor is not critical. Additionally, the methods use expensive birefringent crystals, moving shutters or complicated polarization systems, which are impractical for compact head-mounted displays. With this technology, manufacturers can use the same image offset methods to provide high-resolution head-mounted AR/VR displays that are also optically and mechanically simpler, lighter and less expensive.

Key Benefits

• Enhances display resolution without expensive components
• More reliable due to no moving parts
• Easier to implement than other systems


• 3D displays
• Head mounted AR and VR displays

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