Increases the oral bioavailability of bioactive components. Wide range of delivery systems (fluid, semi-solid or solid). Can be applied to a broad range of biactive molecules.



Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical agents are currently delivered by incorporating the agent into the matrix of functional or medical foods. However, the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical agents have low bioavailability due to poor water solubility, low permeability, and chemical instability. An excipient food is a novel delivery system, which increases the oral bioavailability of bioactive components (pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical agents). The excipient food is consumed with a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical agent instead of incorporating it into the food matrix, thus enhancing the bioavailability of the pharmaceutical and/or nutraceutical agents that it is ingested with. The excipient food can take on many different forms (fluid, semi-solid or solid) therefore having desirable sensory attributes (flavor, appearance, mouthfeel, and texture). Multiple food components for example lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, surfactants, and minerals can be included in an excipient food by integrating and altering certain attributes such as cell permeability, chemical degradation, solubility, and mass transport.


The excipient food can be utilized to deliver nutraceuticals such as ω-3 fatty acids, vitamins, flavonoids, proteins, carbohydrates, phytosterols, minerals, etc. By understanding the composition and structure of the food matrix, the excipient food can be used to deliver a broad range of bioactive molecules within an expansive market. The excipient food could be fabricated entirely from food-grade ingredients therefore making it a conventional food product, or additional pharmaceutical agents could be incorporated making it a pharmaceutical aid. The excipient food can be in the form of a fluid, semi-solid, or solid. Therefore, it can be incorporated into foods ranging from drinks, confectionaries, starches, etc.



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