Companies with winning cultures are 4-5 more likely to be top performers. The DNA index tool helps measure and improve your company’s underlying culture.


Organisations that create a winning culture are 4 to 5 times more likely to be top performers

Top performers, as measured by profitability, growth, and shareholder return, outperform 90% of peers

Everybody has a perspective on their organisation’s culture but few have an objective and transparent method to measure it

UPvantage’s DNA Index allows you to measure the causal elements of your organisation’s culture on a 0 to 100 scale – this explains a company’s ability to deliver a winning culture and, subsequently, high performance

The DNA Index uses a research-based, statistically validated structured questionnaire to collect data from an organisation across multiple dimensions

It uses pattern-recognition technology based on a database of 100+ rapid performance improvements to pinpoint gaps and improvement opportunities

An organisation’s culture consists of 7 hierarchical elements or outcomes. The outcomes are driven by 40 underlying causal “practices and behaviours”.

Practices and behaviours are what you see leaders, middle-management and frontlines doing on a day-to-day-basis. The DNA Index connects causal “practices and behaviours” to “outcomes”

The DNA Index identifies data-driven specific improvements for your organisational’ s cultural elements, it identifies the drivers are that are working and not working and can be really specific and fact-based about potential improvements

Among its many features is a dashboard that allows you to assess how your company’s culture compares to industry best practice benchmarks including:
1. How your organisation is performing on the seven outcomes
2. How your organisation is performing on the underlying 40 practices and behaviours that drive the 7 outcomes
 How your organisation culture score compares across business units, functions, levels, geographies, and tenure
It also shines a light on your company’s strengths, weaknesses, decision style, and level of employee engagement
 The data provides a fact-base on which improvements in your culture can be prioritised and tackled resulting in rapid improvement in your company’s performance

Key Benefits

1. Detailed scorecards with findings on how your organisation is performing on the seven elements of DNA, related to performance. These findings include ‘sore’ points as well as best practice for business units, functional groups, and organisational layers
2. Assess and measure underlying behaviours that impact performance
3. Gain important, and often unexpected, insights identified by seasoned practitioners with experience across organisations, industries, and geographies
4. Assess cultural performance by function, hierarchy, and geography to identify specific gaps and improvement opportunities
5. Drill-down and flag the critical gaps to increase the likelihood of delivering rapid performance improvement
6. Prioritise intervention programmes needed to improve performance. The data provides a fact-base on which improvements should be prioritised based on value and ease of implementation
7. Identify strategic investments that will deliver sustained performance improvements
8. Develop the best solution for your organisation by drawing on our experience delivering successful performance improvement across 100+ local and global organisations
9. The DNA Index can be run periodically to track progress
10. The benefits of DNA Index extend beyond decision makers to the entire organisation. The capability provides a means to actively engage people at all levels in a positive way, focusing their energies and efforts on the factors that really make a difference

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