Péarlaí identify shoppers personally as soon as the arrive in a shopping destination, accurately monitor their movements, engage with them and measure engagement conversion rates.


Péarlaí identify individual shoppers personally, accurately monitor their movements throughout a shopping complex whether inside or outside and engage with them in real time while they are in site and measure conversion rates of engagements. All this and more with NO APP's, NO Beacons & NO WI-FI Tracking. Péarlaí provides shoppers with a smart VIP fob which is identified by readers which are installed throughout a shopping outlet or centre. Péarlaí's hardware is the most accurate method of tracking consumers in physical sites, has the longest range, is plug and play so no wiring required, is smaller than a mobile phone and can activate different triggers based on a smart VIP fib holders account. Shoppers register to become a VIP through a shopping outlets website where they provide demographic details and select their favourite shops which they would like to receive SMS from while they shop. VIP's have complete control over who sends them SMS, how many they receive per visit and how often EG every 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc. If a retailer sends rubbish messages VIP's can switch that retailer of through their account which is created when they register to become a VIP. The core benefits shoppers receive are all year round discount from multiple retailer through one smart VIP fob (No need for multiple loyalty cards), personalised SMS from retailers they said they want to receive SMS from and rewarded for their loyalty EG "Hi Peter, you've been in the centre over 60 minutes go get a free coffee on us from Subway" OR "Hi Peter, you've visited the centre 3 times this week, your parking is free today. Show this SMS to validate your parking." One single VIP fob works in multiple shopping locations and anywhere the Péarlaí solution is implemented. Tenants can engage with their customers while they are in the vicinity of their store but more importantly measure the effectiveness of their engagements EG. Péarlaí can show that we sent 1000 SMS from Boots last week and 350 of the shoppers who receive an SMS from Boots stopped and entered their store, Péarlaí can tell Boots who those customers are, their age, gender, postcode, marital status, employment status, no. of children, how often they visited and their dwell times. Péarlaí provide tenants with indisputable evidence of how effective a centres marketing budget is being spent on them, while enabling them to engage with their customers. For landlords of shopping centres and outlets Péarlaí provides them with detailed demographic data on who thier visitors are and the routes they take through their site EG Péarlai can show that 18-24 year old females enter a specific entrance mainly and turn left when they do and dwell for a set period of time in a specific location. This gives landlords the data they need to attract the perfect tenants and charge the correct rents as they have the data to prove were a tenants target market congregates. For centre management Péarlaí provide a user friendly dashboard which essentially provides them with a real time finger on the pulse of their centre health which also monitoring their cleaning & security staffs compliance rates. The secret to Péarlaí's success is SIMPLICITY, shoppers have no App to engage with or have to log into anything to receive the benefits they get, tenants only have to spend 2 minutes per week to update their SMS or they can schedule 3, 6 or 12 months of SMS in one sitting, landlords only have to request whatever data they require and centre management can view and download any data they need for tenant meetings. SIMPLE

Key Benefits

Péarlai have 4 key stakeholders who benefit from our services as mentioned previously and they are Shoppers, tenants, landlords and centre management and the benefits to each are as follows: Shoppers: One smart VIP fob providing discounts and alerts from multiple retailers in multiple locations, no need for multiple loyalty cards. Only receive messages from shops they have indicated they want to receive messages from. Have control over who sends them messages, how many they receive and how often they receive them. Same VIP fob works in multiple locations. Tenants: Can engage with their customers while they are in the vicinity of their store and measure the effectiveness of those engagements. Landlords: have access to detailed data to attract the perfect tenants and charge the correct rents. Centre management: Access to vital data on their centre and it's tenants at the click of a button. Centre management can create campaign which will proactively drive footfall into specific shops EG Management create a campaign to target 25-34 females with children which rewards them when they visit X Store, Y store and Z store during one visit. Centre management have the evidence to prove they are driving footfall into their tenants shops.


Péarlaí has been developed specifically for retail locations such as shopping outlets, shopping centres and city centre retail areas. The Péarlaí platform can also monitor the movements of cleaning and security staff ensuring specific areas are cleaned within specified time frames, setting alerts if time frames or checkpoints have been missed and calculating daily, weekly and monthly compliance. Péarlaí have a workflow pipeline which includes additional features such as adding credit card details to a shoppers account which can monitor spending patterns within a location, automated surveys to complete the 360 view of a shoppers experience when visiting a shopping location, adding access so specific smart Fob holders can access areas within a shopping location and HVAC control systems. It is Péarlaí's vision to provide one single smart VIP fob which will enable its owners to optimise home heating systems, open their doors, grant access to offices at work, used as their Gym membership ID, used to pay for public transport, add their passport details, driver license etc so consumers will only ever require one ID to fulfill multiple functions.

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