Kantox is a complete foreign exchange solution for SMEs. Access to mid-market rates, follow the market with live alerts, centralise your companies in a single dashboard.


What is Kantox?

Kantox is a complete foreign exchange platform for SMEs and mid-caps. The company was founded in 2011 by Philippe Gelis and Toni Rami with the goal of bringing transparency, efficiency and fairness to the FX market.

The global FX market is a colossus. It is the largest market in the world, with $5.3 trillion changing hands every single day. That’s 11 times the 2013 valuation of Apple Inc. in one single day! With such huge amounts of money at play, it gives ample opportunity for various players to take as big a cut as they can get.

4 years later, Kantox has more than 1,300 clients and has carried out over $1 billion in total trades and harness technological innovation in FX marketplace.

Transparency Matters

Access to the FX market is dominated by banks and brokers, so, many inevitably take advantage of their position of strength in order to make bigger gains at their customers’ expense. Bigger gains than they should be taking as a commission, and much bigger than their clients are being told. Exchange rates fluctuate by the second, due to a range of supply and demand factors including interest rates, tourism and trade flows. The true exchange rate at any given moment between two currencies is known as the mid-market rate. And guess what? Most banks and brokers will never give clients this rate.

There now exists a huge range of alternative finance providers for all major financial services needed by businesses. Peer-to-peer lenders such as Zopa and Ratesetter, financing firm MarketInvoice, and now of course, Kantox, are moving the industry forward through offering transparent, efficient services. As we are best positioned to talk about our own company rather than others, we will talk about what Kantox offers clients as an alternative to the traditional bank/broker FX operations service.

Why the Kantox Platform Will Make Your Foreign Exchange Easier

The platform is a comprehensive suite of essential tools designed for making easier foreign exchange transactions and sending payments to other countries. As a company sending or receiving money from abroad, you must use the best tools to protect your business

The Kantox Platform includes, completely free:

Live mid-market exchange rates. You’ll always access real-time mid-market rates. This means that there are no hidden spreads in the quote that you receive and you know exactly what our fees are.
FX Alerts. Stop spending hours on following the most volatile market. Our live FX Alerts will let you know when your goal rates  happen. In other words: you can trade currencies at the best moment possible!
FX Dashboard. You can control all your transactions, several companies… from one single place. Centralise and control your FX strategy.
Real-time order tracking. You can keep track of your order at all stages with SWIFT messages. Knowing the estimated time of delivery is crucial for paying foreign suppliers, workers…
Multi-user and multi-subsidiary. Imagine that you need two profiles to make orders, one is for your CFO and another one for your treasurer. Or that you need to send money and control foreign exchange transactions within companies in your same holding. Not a problem: with Kantox you can set up and control multi-user and multi-subsidiary accounts with total security for your company.
24 hours around the clock from Monday to Friday. Our platform is online and available so you can book your trades whenever you need. 

How Can I Start?

We’re happy to hear that question! Kantox platform is completely free. You only pay if you make transactions with us. And you can create your free account in a couple of minutes.

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