Pacey MedTech’s Continence Cuff (urethral control device) is designed in such a way more reliable than a traditional penile clamp, and more comfortable and adjustable


iMEDicare Ltd are exclusive UK & Ireland distributors of Pacey MedTech (Cannada). Dr. Jack Pacey has developed the revolutionary Pacey Cuff™ to solve men’s urinary incontinence issues in a way that wasn’t possible before. The penile clamp is dead - urethral control devices are here to stay. Pacey MedTech’s mission is to revolutionize the incontinence industry by creating cutting edge products that will be the new standard for incontinence. The goal is absolute freedom, freedom to explore and experience the world like you used to.
The Pacey Cuff™
Pacey MedTech’s Continence Cuff is a revolutionary device that takes a completely new direction in the urinary incontinence market than any other product. Designed in such a way that it is more reliable than a traditional clamp, and more comfortable and adjustable than anything else on the market, the Pacey Cuff™ is the next generation of urethral control devices.

Key Benefits

Pacey Cuff Ultra:
NEW Compression thumb tab to help achieve your best fit
Extra durable neoprene padding replaces foam
Enhanced anti-pinch flap at strap guide improves skin protection
6 - 8 month use
Patented design ensure circulation protection
Unique anti-pinch designed urethral pressure pad
Comfortable, closed cell padding
Power Sleeve protective barrier included with each Cuff for added comfort and control
3 size options with sizing strap supplied.


Pacey Cuff us used by men suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) from moderate to severe scenario. Incontinence affects 10% of the male population with increasing prevalence with age. Stress incontinence is common post pelvic surgery - especially post radical prostatectomy affecting up to 95% of men for up to 9 months post surgery. SUI is a major source of psychological morbidity as it impairs confidence, self esteem and social mobility.
Pacey Cuff represents a safe reliable, low cost modality for men to regain social freedom safely whilst they improve pelvic floor and bladder function naturally. Pacey Cuff is washable and re-useable up to 8 months of daily use and is therefore represents excellent value to the customer as well as being far more environmentally efficient than disposable pad solutions.

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