Padoq delivers a proven, safe, market ready web and mobile app community with security at its heart.


Across web, android and iOS, our solution is evergreen with the user interface and functionality designed for an accessible, effective and impactful user experience. Our origins were as a B2C communication and engagement app, allowing shared interest groups to organise and communicate safely, with no data leakage or ulterior motive. UI and UX tested with unique flexibility, our GSK solution would:
• Protect your data as well as that of the user
• Allow 1:1 and segmented group communication between users and health professionals
• Explore and evolve channels of shared interest to drive growing engagement
• Use the powerful range of metrics on dwell and engagement to evolve messaging communication, in order to constantly increase engagement and conversion. This is achieved through the range of awareness, understanding, acceptance and buy in.
• Events, virtual or actual, can be marketed and managed seamlessly. Calendar management is also operated across the entire platform for groups and individuals

Your GSK vaccination apps will be fully native,to maximise functionality, stability and performance. On the server-side, we rely on an industry standard stack. The two are connected through secure RESTful APIs, making the overall technology solid, scalable and easy to resource.
You select your functionality from our comprehensive suite of features; including several options for delivering messaging to segmented groups, and then customise it further.
We offer a range of customer care packages. Maintenance, continuous updates, bug-fixing and reporting. You will also have access to a Customer Success Manager throughout each phase of your implementation.

Key Benefits

Padoq is fundamentally a solution for “walled” communities (Padoq groups). The platform never solicits information that is not required as part of the functionality. Information is not shared among members unless required to do so by administrators. Users may contact each other without access to external contact details.
GDPR Compliance: The collection of personally identifiable information (PII) within the app is at the discretion of the app owners and administrators. PII is held and transferred securely, under the direction of the administrators. Conditions for data usage are described in the owner’s Terms and Conditions, which are accepted upon user sign in. The privacy first approach naturally applies to GDPR considerations.
Security: Padoq puts businesses in control of their data. The Padoq architecture is designed to provide the appropriate access to external connections while remaining opaque to non-authorised traffic. The platform adheres to OAUTH2 / Bearertoken technology and indirectly accesses data resources within databases. Encrypted RESTful messaging is the only access, with API scoping to limit capability. Access to central repositories is severely limited. The platform is fully penetration tested and customers have the option to self-host or to isolate content, and 2 factor authentication is supported by the system. Padoq has never had a P1 critical incident since launch and we hold current Cyber Security Essentials Plus Certification and are recognised as a Crown Commercial Service supplier. The security of our platform is trusted by a number of large clients, including a New York Stock Exchange Listed Company, a FTSE 100 retailer and a Hospital Group.

Incredible Communication & Engagement:
Everything about Padoq is focused on allowing the owners and users to communicate in ways and on topics that they choose. Users can be auto enrolled in communication groups and / or be allowed to select the groups they wish to be part of. They can communicate privately, to their group or to all with administrators determining the privileges by person or group.
The levels of engagement our existing clients can demonstrate are remarkable, with one client growing their user base by 96% since launching their apps.

Localisation: Padoq apps can be localised for any market, allowing users to access content and communication in a way that suits them regardless of their location and first language.

Reduced time to launch: We can deliver a finished platform solution in 10 weeks. The Padoq platform enables organisations to build white-labelled apps using our pre-built components and existing screen layouts at a fraction of the time of traditional app agencies, whilst giving them the flexibility to deliver bespoke features and screens with additional development and design work, if required. During the first covid-19 lockdown, we delivered iOS, android and web apps for urbanbubble property managers to communicate with their 4500 tenants in 4 weeks, including an integration into their existing issue tracking solution.
Reduced ongoing costs: Padoq reduces ongoing costs for our clients and provides predictable long-term costs by providing hosting, maintenance, bug-fixing, 3rd line support and continuous operating system updates within our agreed monthly licence fee. We have, for example, reduced yearly maintenance costs for a FTSE 100 retailer with a large user base (1m +) by 64%. For a leading luxury property manager, Vita Student, the Padoq platform generated £378,000 of cost saving across IT and operations in 15 months.

Scalability: a scalable solution that combines cloud and physical based storage infrastructure, the bulk of Padoq transactions and storage is within our Padoq groups. Groups are stored on Resource Servers and the model is to allow as many of these as is necessary without performance impact. Resource servers sit within Virtual Machines (VMs) and they may be located anywhere that is addressable by the Gateway Servers. Customers may decide on one of a number of hosting options, including Azure, AWS or self-host.

Integration: Padoq offers an integration gateway option to the architecture where connection to customer or 3rd party resources is required. The Gateway offers a simple methodology for posting and consuming content through APIs. It can be written by the customer, a third party or by Padoq. The gateway offers;
• business logic application so that the customer can control the solution rather than asking Padoq for app modifications,
• protection of customer IP, in a place that even Padoq cannot see it,
• protection of content; the Padoq app only sees content it requires and not what is generally available in the customer system APIs
• protection of security;
• Padoq does not need access to your systems, only to the Integration Server,
• debugging and development are simplified across this clear boundary
• customer system upgrades and changes have reduced impact on the apps.

Increased user engagement: At Padoq we specialise in creating platforms to increase user engagement and deliver messaging functionality. Clients recognise the remarkable user engagement rates and for commercial clients this translates into delivery of the stated objectives and ROI


Padoq is an app platform with an extensive range of functionality to address the needs of multiple verticals and facilitate communication and engagement. The solution is currently used in property, retail, medical aesthetics, memberships, heavy industry and community interest groups.
Features include:
Localisation allowing multiple languages
Public Forums
Private Forums
1-1 Instant messaging
Group instant messaging
Video calling
Events Management
Document sharing
Auto-moderation of content
Data Analysis Tools
Information Collection/ Reporting
Feedback Mechanisms
Webinar Hosting
Video Sharing
Bookings System
News Feeds (including content automation)
Promotions and Offers
Customer Response management / Ticketing
Problem Solving/Knowledge Base Integration

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