Paperless Mobile Forms

Convert your existing forms into paperless mobile app forms

Save time & money by creating eco friendly paperless forms (with signature facility). Forms are user friendly and integrated back to your systems from the user’s device.


SignTech Forms is a unique and paperless forms solution that allows the instant creation of paperless forms in a matter of minutes.  This effectively means you can convert your existing processes into paperless processes by creating paperless mobile forms that act as unique apps. The key benefits include: Significant Process Improvement Immediate Cost Savings Environmental impact Speed of Conversion Process Total Flexibility Works On All Mobile Platforms Instant Fill in & Sign (seamless UX) Generate Completed PDF Forms Instantly   There are unlimited uses of SignTech forms solution, practically anywhere that requires forms and data collection (paper or electronic), some existing uses include: Remote Sales Teams Financial Services Organisations Service Engineer’s Inspection Reports Gas Safety Inspections Restaurant Ordering Front End (EPOS) University Application Forms Expense Claim Forms Sales Order Forms (Integrate With SalesForce) Rewards Cards Application Forms   The SignTech solution innovation has proven highly successful in the following ways: Paperless mobile forms can now be instantly created in as quickly as 2 hours end to end.  This would have taken a number of weeks achieve (and still does in some cases with other organisations), however with the SignTech platforms organisations are now saving vasts amounts of costs and time in going paperless. Due to the reduction in cost a higher number of small and micro organisations are now going paperless in a manner they otherwise would not have been able to do in the past.  The platform now has nearly 800 paperless forms converted and thousands of people downloading and using the forms to provide information back to the relevant organisaitons.  This is no doubt having an active and direct positive impact on the environment. In 2014 SignTech Forms was voted as one of the top 5 big ideas from the UK in a competition orgnanised by Elance and it was presented at the Google campus in London. The technology is seen as highly innovative and has been exhibited three times at the Apps World exhibitions in London and also in San Francisco. Following a presentation of the solution to an audience at Cranfield University, which included the Ana Botin, the chairman of Santander, we received a written commendation of the solution as follows, “…I was very impressed with your technical solutions to reduce paper which, especially for large companies, is extremely important…” That has led to a request for further discussions with Santander to discuss how the solution may be used for paperless mortgages as well as other requirements for paperless solutions across the bank.  

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