Passive Eye’s portable self-powered tags for location, utilisation, efficiency and damage event reports plus anti-theft alarms for land and marine assets with NO battery recharging


Passive Eye's asset monitoring tags are based on our patented self-sustaining energy harvesting and power management technology that provides non-stop monitoring performance for land and marine-based assets used or kept outdoors and the tags NEVER need manual battery recharging.

Management reports include current and past locations, geofence alerts, asset utilisation and asset efficiency reports. SMS and email alarms are sent if movement is detected of an asset that shouldn't be moving and Passive Eye continuously monitors for shock loads and tilt and will create a 'damage event' reports with the time, date and location which are ideal for mitigating liability if a company’s assets such as equipment and shipping containers if damage occurs to the asset or shipping container contents when handled by 3rd parties. All this without ever having to recharge batteries or being let down by exhausted batteries.

Key Benefits

Knowing where a company's assets are located, their condition and that they are safe and secure when not in use, should be the absolute requirement for every operations manager. All portable battery-powered GPS trackers need manual battery recharging. Managing 1 or 2 is easy. At scale, it’s a complex, time consuming and expensive problem. Passive Eye provides a broad range of alerts, alarms and advisories for managing the kind of powered and unpowered assets companies keep or use outside. The elimination of the administration load and the manpower costs associated with battery recharging gives operations managers a cost-effective tool in the endless drive for greater efficiency and lower costs.


High value powered and unpowered assets such as the trailers of articulated lorries when detached from their cab, shipping containers, rail hopper cars. Other applications include assets that are laid-up for a season such as expensive construction and agricultural equipment and pleasure and commercial boats.

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