We support pathologists in cancer diagnosis process by software and AI


Faster cancer detection and analysis with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
We support Oncology Diagnosis (pathology and radiology) in better and faster diagnosis using AI (Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML))
In Pathology:
1. PathoPlatform - Web Platform https://pathoplatform.cancercenter.eu : The zoom/view, annotate and share it by web/browser + AI modules to support Pathologist in Cancer Diagnosis

2. Manual Whole Slide Imaging Software (PathoCam) to save pathology images by using your own microscope equipment. Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP0NvhQqxiw

Key Benefits

Benefits of using digital pathology (AI) in cancer diagnosis:
Save lives
Your knowledge and experience is indispensable. Make diagnoses faster and be able to provide help for more patient.

Save time and money
Use PathoCam software and camera to save whole slides from microscope. It is just a fraction of a digital slide scanners cost.

Freely draw on the sample
Measure and annotate the regions of interest on the whole sample. Generate reliable results!

View slides in browser – even on mobile
Easily view samples in your browser. Use tools like zoom, draw, annotate and snapshot.

Advanced sharing
Safely share slides with other pathologists. Save Whole slide Images and share with anyone anytime for second opinion​ by Google Drive/Link.

Better than human accuracy
Machine and Deep Learning (AI) algorithms make the process of segmentation and classification easier and much faster than ever before


In Pathology Departments/Centers

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