enhances the diagnostic process in digital pathology by providing the initial perspective of AI on each case, highlighting the areas of possible cancer presence.

About analyses the whole slide image and labels all the tissue on the slide, providing the doctor with a preliminary AI opinion on the case as a recommendation. Right now is trained to identify the prostate cancer on prostate biopsy, but it is already being trained to wotk with breast cancer, liver cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer as well.
The prostate cancer on the slide is identified based on its type and Gleason score. The ensemble of neural networks analyzes the image on both micro and macrolevels, then the output goes to the classifier neural network, which assigns the final class to each label.

Key Benefits

The key possible benefits is the cost reduction. The required time for doctor to make a diagnosis will be significantly reduced.
The other benefits are the reduction of stress during work and higher reproducibility of the diagnosis.


Our innovation is applicable in digital pathology laboratories, which conduct a large amount of diagnostic cases daily and have their own tissue scanner.

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