HST is a cloud-based application that enables individuals to safely record their health data and map their health journey, anytime, anywhere in a seamless and secure manner.


Health Safe Today (HST) is a platform focussed on improving access and quality of healthcare services in developing countries. The HST patient health record platform (PHR) is housed on the cloud, allowing individuals to safely record their health data and map their health journey, anytime, anywhere, in a seamless and secure manner, to obtain the best medical treatment planning.

As a health IT tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI), clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and backed by accurate patient health data and high data security norms, the platform aims to empower the medical and insurance fraternity with insights into treatment viability, drug utilisation, patient segmentation and in-hospital and/or self-care programmes. These features provide scope for reaching out to a larger beneficiary population with the advanced and simplistic UI/UX of the HST application encourages easy on-boarding, and validated content to increase consumer engagement and retention. Workflows are well streamlined for all involved stakeholders including doctors, diagnostic labs, pharmacies and insurance companies, enabling them to offer their services at scale, with high accountability. Structured data tied to a unique id is another key feature available, to help mitigate fraud instances.
HST employs automated deep tech algorithms to extract relevant information from encrypted personalised profiles for accurate premium calculation and also to determine medical usage and hospital readmission patterns, basis individual preferences and values personalized consumer profiles.

Key Benefits

(1) Patient focus- Personalized health record management& treatment planning with high level of privacy & security
(2) Multi-stakeholder engagement- Ecosystem stakeholders including doctors, chemists, labs can create, read, update information and communicate with each other basis patient consent and prescription
(3) Deep tech- Using AI/ML tools, patients profiles shall be analysed to develop automated algorithms for accurate premium calculation for use by health Insurance companies


The HST application would be used by patients for safely collating their medical data and sharing it with service providers for availing better medical services and ensuring most optimised treatment plans are developed for their condition. Also, the HST application will be employed by doctors, diagnostic labs and pharmacies to streamline their work flows and connect with patients, in a more streamlined and securer environment. Most importantly, the HST platform would enable access by health insurance companies to high level data in terms of demographics and patient segmentation, to increase their customer base as well help automate premium calculation, using the HST detailed and accurate big data set.

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