Performance Straw Based Fibres

Smart Fibre Blending

We are a biomaterials tech company using agricultural residue fibres and bio waste stream to produce new performance fibres to enhance or make new paper/textiles/plastics.


We are developing a type of fibre called Optifibre. To do this, we have been working with an fibre based engineering company on a a machine learned system that enables us to input desired attributes for a paper or textile or new material composite and produce a fibre blend from agricultural residues and bio waste that will produce those desired attributes. We can be selective, filtering for example, by locally available materials to consistently produce the same output thus optimising the supply chain. We can then either sell the IP for a client to make the blend or produce the blended product to use. We have additional advancements to this system which at this stage we cannot reveal.

Key Benefits

We call our fibre blends 'Optfibres' . They are a new raw material to replace or enhance existing feedstocks: 1 Wood Pulp alternative for the paper industry where there is concern that future demand will outstrip current capacity . (stats available from global pulp and paper association) and wood pulp prices are increasing (at their all time high at present). 2 Plastic replacement and alternative . The Optifibres can produce a fibre sheet that when used with certain biodegradable polymers produces a compostable material. Simplifying the need for heavy cross linked polymers in some plastics ( such as bottles) and reducing the amount of bio degradable plastic needed, All moving towards a bio compostable , more easily dissolvable material. Furthermore this may be inkjet printed reducing the need for labels . Certain fibres we use have 0% porosity , offering a potential alternative to barrier emulsions. Tensei are the innovators behind the companies introducing new material alternatives; Our fibre blending and polymer know how is essential for innovation as is the understanding how to test, process, evaluate, revise and ultimately commercialise. Tensei have bio chemists and process engineers and the ability to test the materials ( currently using third parties but shortly within our own R&D labs and blending plant. This facility will be unique. New additional revenue generating opportunity for the farmers and chemical food plants. Truly sustainable product that uses semi processed materials as a new feedstock from renewable sources and a feedstock that will increase as the global population increases.


Paper: primarily specialty papers such such as packaging, medical disposables, battery papers and construction such as laminates for flooring, joinery and worktops. It is also a new paper that can ultimately go into the recycled paper feedstock that will improve the declining quality as it encompasses new higher performance papers. Textiles: Material composites - this is a new matrix. Plastic alternative for many existing products.

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