A prognostic tool that tests the touch sensitivity of patients experiencing damage in the peripheral nervous system. The sensory tool is fabricated by a novel and reproducible method and exhibits a patient-focused design, comprising a unique device for rapid assessment and monitoring of peripheral neuropathy.


The sensory tool consists of various micro bumps and assesses the patient's ability ro sense their presence. The unique method to produce the bumps is based on the fabrication of a mould via ion beam milling. The mould is used as a master template to create smooth, reproducible and accurate bumps via polymer casting.

Key Benefits

Benefits include; accurate assessment and monitoring of CIPN, rapid testing: 6-11 mins duration, reproducible and precise method for bump fabrication, low fabrication costs, durable and non brittle tool, easy-to-clean, easily accessible for patients


Used as a pre-assessment tool for CIPN to evaluate any pre-existing perifpheral neuropathy prior to cancer patients' chemotherpahy treatment and predict risk of developing CIPN. The tool can be used as a decision aid to support discussions between patients and their clinicians about potential risks and benefits of chemotheraphy dose reduction. It could also be used for other conditions that have peripheral neuropathy as a symptom

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