Personalisation Hub

Localising and Personalising OmniChannel CX in real-time

Platform that allows Brands to support Personalised Experiences across all touch-points (including Chatbots & on Screens in Retail)


Offline2Online specialises in delivering hyper Personalised Experiences in both the Physical (Offline) & Digital (Online) worlds. Offline2Online is an Adobe Partner. The team work closely with Adobe's Engineering Teams in San Fransisco and Switzerland to jointly deliver world-leading Personalised CX. Our Personalisation Hub platform was recently selected by a major Telco in Australia, to drive their Personalised Experiences within all of their Retail Stores. Over the past 4 years the team have built & refined a world leading Personalisation Platform that allows Brands to Personalise Experiences (webpages, screens in retail, chatbots) in real-time based on Visitor data from a number of sources. As a world-first, our Personalisation Hub Platform allows clients to extend Personalisation support into their Retail channels: 1. Provide an API that allows Clients to capture & persist data from a number of local data sources (e.g. webcams, BLE/Beacons, Store Tablets/Kiosks, etc) associated with a visitor's Retail visit that can be used to support Personalised CX & Optimise Remarketing. 2. Seamlessly deploy Highly Localised campaigns & support local demographic targeting & localised content/creative/copy on all connected Screens. 3, Dynamically Personalise Screens (when Visitors are in Range) with Personalised Offers utilising omni-channel insights (id visitors using mobile SDK or hashed identifiers & data obtained from other systems via our API). 4. Share/Retrieve data with/from our client's Enterprise Decisioning (ML/AI) solutions to continually optimise Campaigns/Personalised-CX. The Personalisation Hub Platform is built to Scale, using Open Source technologies, that can be self-hosted by Clients on their preferred infrastructure. The solution is currently running on AWS, however can easily be ported to Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or similar Cloud platforms.

Key Benefits

Targeted Offers (Increase Revenue): > Ability to seamlessly deploy localised and personalised campaigns nationwide. > Ability to Seamlessly test/deploy/leverage new capability (e.g. Trial multiple AI/ML solutions side by side > IBM Watson vs GCP). Rewards & Loyalty (Retention): > Surface loyalty and reward offers at appropriate times. Reduce Handling Time (Cost Reduction): > Gradually educate return visitors/customers about unused self-serve capability. > Where required, support seamless handover to local staff (provide them with visitor context/intent). Ensure GDPR Compliance (Regulatory): > The solution is built following the "Privacy by Design" principle.


Supports Personalised Experiences across any touch-point (website, retail, chatbot, CRM, Telesales...)

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