PHA Bioplastic Bottle Design

Making premium chemicals with biotechnology

We convert organic waste into PHA bioplastics, a 100% biodegradable plastic that can replace PET/rPET, through a process that is 40% cheaper than traditional PHA production.


PHA bioplastics have been studied extensively for over two decades due to its potential to dominate the plastics market while contributing to the environment when compared to petroleum-based plastics. The limiting factor that prevents widespread adoption is high production costs. Source feedstock for PHA generation contributes up to 40% of production costs, along with highly expensive, energy-intensive critical control measures. At Genecis, we have eliminated the need for sourcing expensive feedstock by using organic waste that costs money to eliminate. Further, we use a mixed microbial culture that doesn’t require expensive, energy-intensive critical control measures. Currently, we have the ability to create bioplastics with different mechanical and physical properties, which can be used in numerous applications. Through this, we are interested in co-developing a plastic bottle for Coca-Cola that is comprised of 100% biodegradable plastics. We are happy to provide further information upon request.

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