This online system simulates pharmacy dispensing software utilized by community pharmacies.


The system prepares pharmacy students for electronic prescription dispensing and utilizes standard pharmacy verification procedures. This software will help level the playing field between students who have had previous experience in a pharmacy and those who haven’t.

Key Benefits

• Cheaper than current verification software
• Simple and intuitive to build cases
• Simple to distribute a single case to multiple users
• Adaptive time technology so cases auto-update (for example a patient age remains the same regardless of when scenario was created; cases can be set to be prescribed "yesterday" and the date will display as the day prior no matter when it is completed)
• Simple and intuitive to add/edit providers, products, etc. Based on location and supplies
• No "extra" items outside of the base educational needs of a dispensing system
• Removes some of the automated components of real systems so that students must apply and practice the skills themselves-Customizable - Records can be easily added or edited for educational purposes.

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