Pi is the seriously fun app that allows members to compare their ideas and views with others while earning rewards for themselves and charities.


The Pi app allows employees (customers or anyone as required) to give their feedback anonymously to any set of questions (including branching questions where the next question depends on the answer to the previous). While maintaining anonymity and privacy, the demographics of the responder (such as location, age range etc) are known. Participation is encouraged through the fun look and feel of the app its simplicity and importantly the gamification of the poll or survey. Similar to the tokens used in stores with the choice of charity, the responder earns digital tokens for charity for answering the survey, as well as their own 'digital philanthropist' score to further motivate. Data can be analysed in real time and further questions can be added if required to add depth or additional information to the survey process.

Key Benefits

Increased participation Greater positive feelgood factor by responders as they have helped a charity through their actions Enhanced data and analytics Flexibility to vary the survey as it progresses


Staff feedback surveys Client market research and polling Client advertising Enhanced Data

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