VISTa combines molecular labelling, computer vision and machine learning to create a universal diagnostic platform that can identify any pathogen in seconds.


Pictura Bio, an Oxford University seed-stage spinout based in Headington is developing a point of care (POC) diagnostic device to simultaneously detect multiple pathogens in patient samples in 1 minute. Target markets include acute care organisations, public health and national security applications in the UK and US. Today’s patient care pathway is interrupted by long waits for test results from the lab causing delays in treatment. Rapid POC testing for multiple pathogens is the solution for effective screening, triage, and treatment decisions. Existing POC platforms don’t produce results quickly enough to do this. A faster method is needed.

Key Benefits

Multiplex results in 1 minuteMicrofluidics transport the sample to the onboard microscope.Images are captured and analysed in seconds.Universal consumablePathogen-agnostic biology.No new physical product is required to launch a new test.New test distribution by software updateAssay specificity comes from the image analysis algorithm.New tests can be pushed to installed base.Look back in time to determine when a pathogen first emergedImaging digitizes the sample in its current state at the time of collection.Retest old sample by reanalysing the images with a new test (physical sample is not needed).


Our target care settings are: acute care (large, small/rural) and primary/urgent care (retail health/free standing urgent care clinics (US) and NHS & Private GP offices (UK)). Our device has alternative applications in bacterial/viral research, veterinary medicine and environmental microbiological testing.

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