Our solution uses an innovative type of induction heating to clear the blockage, with the target section of blocked pipe heated only, giving a relatively low energy use and cost


With the use of induction heating, we can safely apply heat to a problem area and disbond the blockage from the pipe wall or surface where the problem lies and overtime change the state of the offending material to aid its removal, by rendering it into a semi fluid, fluid or even a gas state.

The ICPTech system can heat the body of a pipe wall safely using induction, and in a timely fashion the heat via convection will warm the inner pipe wall in turn heating the occluding material, freeing the blockage to aid its removal and minimize downtime and costs to the use

Key Benefits

The primary function of this apparatus is to heat pipelines in a subsea environment that will be a game changer in the field of flow assurance, replacing potentially destructive methods for clearing blockages such as mechanical intervention, supplementing operations such as pigging, or being used where pigging or mechanical intervention is not possible or desirable.

The benefits of the new patented system compared with existing solutions are: -

• Non-intrusive, with no internal intervention to pipes.
• The only intervention is a thermal method of heating the pipe externally.
• No kinetic energy is involved that may damage pipe weld seams.
• Easily configured to be manipulated by an RO


We offer a solution that can improve the CO2 footprint of companies utilising and maintain Oil and Gas pipelines, Our product can considerably reduce the time and resources spent on unblocking Hydrate blockage compared to conventional methods, and improve the output of subsea installations. Where others fail in returning a pipeline to production.

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