PixelPin provides businesses a secure and personal authentication solution that works on every device. It uses pictures to replace passwords and PINS for a simple and easy login.


PixelPin provides businesses a secure and personal authentication solution that uses pictures to replace passwords and PINS. The user selects 4 points on their picture for a simple and quick login. It is secure, personal and easy to integrate into web and mobile services as a federated service. We provide a software solution that works on all devices, both web and native mobile giving a secure non-biometric alternative. It can be delivered either on public cloud, on-premises or FIDO (Fast Identity Online). It removes the major password weaknesses of phishing and database hacks whilst giving uses a simple memorable solution that need not be written down. PixelPin also delivers strong authentication providing a 2-Factor solution using TOTPs.

Key Benefits

PixelPin has a lot higher login success than passwords (greater than 80%) delivering considerable savings to organisations. Passwords are no longer a secure solution given that most passwords have been hacked and are suspect to phishing attacks. Passwords and PINS get written down, shared and are not liked by users as they do not understand them or how to create a secure password. Although biometrics authentication solutions are emerging, they are tied to a particular device and hardware, so not available to all users and some users are concerned about the privacy of such solutions. Even more concerning is that they are not 100% reliable, so there is a need for a backup authenticator, which is usually a PIN or a password. Therefore, they are not improving the overall security of the users as the weakest link which is password, is still included in the solution.

At the moment most of the websites offer a general registration form which according to statistics, 30% of the people tend to avoid doing and by that quit to complete any purchase on the websites. We suggest you to consider PixelPin because it can improve your customer's experience in a unique and engaging way by making the login process easier, quicker and personal for everyone. Especially because it is very simple for every demographic and do not discriminate against any ability or disability as there are no language barriers in the core technology.


Every Business can use PixelPin on their website or mobile app. At the moment our main clients are in Retail and Finance but our goal is to see our solution in every sector.

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