Natural, Non-GMO and allergen free fibers that can benefit both manufacturers and consumers by increasing yield, adding textural benefits & incorporating fiber into the product.


We, at Unibourne provide speciality ingredients procured from trustworthy sources around the world. We create value for our customers by ensuring that only the best quality ingredients with excellent logistics and supply chain support are delivered to them via broadest gamut of ingredients the industry can offer. That is why our motto stands for “Bringing the World of Food Ingredients to Your Doorstep”.

With our carefully sourced ingredients, we want to help the food industry transition their products to a more superior and healthy quality.
People all around the world rely heavily on commercial food systems for daily sustenance. To create profits and value for shareholders, commercial food systems rely largely on high volume sales of foods rich in harmful components. These industries fail to account for the significant costs of its operations to society, health, and the environment.
The food industry has often been denounced for its role in contributing to the increasing percentage of overweight and obese people. Therefore, food corporations become more essential in combating the rising burden of nutrition-related chronic illnesses. These corporations need to take concrete steps such as food reformulation, consumer information, responsible marketing and healthy lifestyle promotion. However, most food formulators choose to retain the organoleptic properties and profit margins while compromising on the health aspect.

Profits might be gained from a better and more sustainable food system that is consistent with health and sensorial acceptance of the product. Therefore, we introduce Plant fibers that are a 3-step solution which helps in increasing the yield, adding textural benefits and incorporating fiber to the product. It is a natural, odourless, neutral taste and flavour white powder. It is easy to incorporate into food and can provide an increase in yield due to the absorption of extra water. This excellent water and oil binding characteristics of our plant fibers make them exceptional texturizers that can stabilize fine emulsified systems in food processing. The water retention capacity up to 10 times and Oil retention capacity up to 8 times its own weight. Only a little amount of additional fibre is required to increase productivity as a result of quicker production processes and to save labour and energy expenses. On the other hand, fibre demand is increasing due to the popularity of processed meals and customer’s need for gluten-free, low-fat or non-fat foods with a creamy texture. Dietary fibre found in plant fibres assist to increase this trend by giving meals more water, air, and a pleasant mouthfeel. It is considered as insoluble dietary fiber with fiber content min 96% (dry mass). A possible label claim is source of fiber.

Key Benefits

Improved Profit Margins

1. Improved yield as a result of water and oil retention
2. Reduced syneresis (drip and shrinking losses)
3. Lowered costs resulting from partial replacement of more expensive
4. Reduced energy and labor costs resulting from faster manufacturing processes

Improved Quality

1. Improved texture through more uniform distribution of water in the product
2. Enhanced flavour due to better retention of natural juices during cooking
3. Reduced ice crystal formation upon thawing
4. Better mouthfeel and taste when replacing complex gum systems

Improved Nutrition

1. Making food more natural & healthier
2. Source of dietary fiber
3. Low energy value
4. Reducing glycemic response
5. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
6. Improving overall digestive health


Bakery Sector
1. Longer shelf life
2. Improved crust formation
3. Better texture
4. Lower energy losses during extrusion and drying process
5. Better crispiness
6. Retention of moitness
7. Better crumbling and slicing properties
8. Higher dietary fiber level
9. Increased final volume

Confectionary Sector
1. Anticaking agent preventing sweets from sticking
2. Better texture stability of fillings: fruit,
3. Decreased syneresis in fruit fillings by improved water retention and rheology
4. Decreased weight loss during processing, increased volume of final product compared to the product without fiber

Meat Sector
1. Limited leakage in hot sausages
2. Fat substitute
3. Efficiency improvement
4. Better filling cohesion and stability
5. Enhanced casings' filling
6. Improved texture and bite
7. Constant quality
8. Reduced leakage when vacuum packed

Vegetarian Dishes
1. Limited losses during heat treatment
2. Improved freeze-thaw stability
3. Increased yield
4. Reduced shrinking during frying
5. Enhanced texture
6. Better firmness
7. Flavor carrier
8. Constant quality

Dairy Sector
General advantages
1. Better hard cheese sliceability
2. Quality improvement of processed cheese
3. Improved spreadability of cheese spreads
4. Anticaking agent for grated products
5. Enhanced consistency and rheology
Quarks, spreads, desserts
1. Less leakage during storage
2. Better texture and spreadability
3. Better rheology, enhances stability
4. Reduced syneresis
Processed cheese
1. Better creaminess and spreadability
2. Less leakage from processed cheese packed in cups
3. Less syneresis and longer shelf life

Convenience Food
1. The shape of the product is retained during thermal treatment as well as freezing, cooking losses are substantially reduced.
2. Reduced shrinking and ice crystal formation upon freezing and thawing
3. Structure and texture of the product is more attractive
4. Better organoleptic characteristics
5. A more favorable nutritional profile

1. Improved quality
2. Quicker drying process
3. Shorter cooking time
4. Less sticking when cooked
5. Improved rheology and bite of ready dishes
6. Flavour carrier

Other Applications
1. Good emulsion stabilizer for gravies and sauces
2. Important ingredient for breadings and batters, both – conventional and deep fried
3. Enhanced freeze and thaw stability
4. A more favorable nutritional profile

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