Polyherbal Gut formulation

Clinically documented poly herbal formulation for gut health

We have developed a clinically documented polyherbal extract based on Ayurvedic guidelines that is suitable for improving various issues related to gut health


Our clinically documented gut formula- Herbagut is a unique poly herbal formulation carefully selected to ensure each ingredient is complementary to each other. It works in synergy with probiotics. We have clinical evidence that Herbagut works for 1. Relieving gas and abdominal bloating 2. Ease of bowel movement 3. Constipation 4.Improvement of general quality of life

Key Benefits

This product helps relieve a lot of gastro instestinal discomfort and helps patients enjoy a better quality of life. Specific clinical evidence points to improvement in various factors relating to gut health in cluding ease of bowel movements, relieving abdominal gas and bloating .


The product can be made available in capsule and tablets. It can also be formulated as a ready to mix drink powder

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