Use of polylactose (a food ingredient) as a prebiotic to impart health benefits such as reduction of excess body fat, fatty liver and improved blood glucose control.


Offers several health benefits Polylactose, a novel dietary fiber, shows great promise as a prebiotic additive to human food products or supplement. Created by polymerizing lactose (a component of dairy whey), polylactose is highly fermentable, and had a profoundly positive effect on the colonic microflora. Preclinical studies showed significantly reduced body fat, lowered plasma leptin concentrations, improved blood glucose control and reduced fatty liver at a dietary concentration where other prebiotics were ineffective. Easily incorporated into foods Current prebiotic ingredients, fructans (fructo-oligosaccharide and inulins) and galacto-oligosaccharide, offer health benefits such as weight reduction and glycemic control. Most prebiotics, however, cannot reduce excess body fat or fatty liver or improve blood glucose control. While viscous dietary fibers (i.e., guar gum and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) may offer these benefits, their slimy/gummy texture is unpleasant to most consumers. Polylactose powder, on the other hand, should be very easy to incorporate into foods and can be manufactured at a reasonable cost. It may also impart several of the health benefits (e.g., reduced body fat, reduced fatty liver and improved blood glucose control) current prebiotics lack. Technology #20180323

Key Benefits

Benefits Reduced body fat Lower plasma leptin concentrations Better blood glucose control Reduced fatty liver Several health benefits may help common chronic health conditions Features Prebiotic additive for human food products Highly fermentable, more profound effect on colonic microflora Manufactured by a continuous process from a low-cost dairy ingredient


Prebiotics Food ingredients Nutritional supplements

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