Unique combination of properties: Reduced melt viscosity while retaining all desirable properties of other rigid particle reinforced thermoplastics.


Technology This technology provides self-reinforced polymeric materials with greatly improved physical and mechanical properties as well as a unique and simple method for generating these materials. The concept involves using a low molecular weight crystalline compound in a polymer blend to form reinforcing crystalline particles. The presence of the crystalline particles simultaneously improves the impact or fracture toughness, enhances processibility through reduced viscosity, increases or does not otherwise detrimentally decrease the modulus, and lowers the coefficient of thermal expansion, among other improvements. These advantageous characteristics will allow self-reinforced polymeric materials to compete in markets currently using more expensive compounds. Virtually any polymeric material can benefit from this technology. Applications Any application where a polymer would benefit from improved physical and mechanical properties Polymer and polymer additive production High performance materials for specific purposes  

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