Zynstra is a disruptive software company that enables retailers to rapidly deliver compelling new services in store, and reduce their overall IT and POS Hardware costs to serve.


The Zynstra solution has 3 key components that enable retailers to deliver compelling new customer experiences in store and significantly reduce their IT and POS hardware cost to serve. The Zynstra solution uniquely enables the use of more commodity hardware for POS devices, be they manned tills, self check out kiosks or tablet/mobile devices. The use of the Zynstra solution provides greater flexibility in how Retailers serve their customers in store to deliver their new service/store of the future vision. The Zynstra solution enables retailers to rapidly deploy in store servers and POS hardware devices, and ensure that these platforms are always consistent, secure, compliant and visible via a central management capability. Zynstra is also a Level PCI Compliant Service Provider.

Key Benefits

Zynstra’s unique solution for the retail edge delivers top line innovation through virtualization of the store and POS terminals, and bottom line innovation that reduces their cost to serve:

• POS virtualization solutions to break the POS hardware/software linkage, increase ROI and enhance customer service performance.
• Virtualized mobile POS tablet for line busting customer service.
• Self- Checkout virtualization to increase ROI and reduce integration and support costs.
• A platform for the virtualized store, providing front office and back office virtualization to drastically reduce the IT bill of materials and reduce the cost to serve.
• Intelligent Control Plane to enable testing and roll-out of new applications across your stores in an efficient, standardized and secure manner.
• Edge-scale solution in store, managed from the Cloud, for increased control and reduced support costs
• Automatic patches, updates and upgrades as part of Zynstra’s Keep Current service. It removes the need for manual patching or system management of the HCI core and infrastructure services required, while ensuring a consistent and secure system.
• Security and Keep Current features to help retailers deploy their own compliant solutions, or to further reduce compliance costs by adding Zynstra enhanced PCI-DSS support to significantly reduce the cost and effort of achieving compliance.
• Automatic provisioning, configuration of hundreds or thousands of retail edges for fast set-up of new stores.
• A resilient virtualized edge server with the option of high availability clustering and cloud backup services which reduces the risk of downtime and delivers improved business continuity


The Zynstra solution enables retailers to dramatically reduce the overall cost to serve of their existing in-store IT and POS platforms, but also uniquely enables them to rapidly launch compelling new services and applications in-store/forecourt/restaurant/pharmacy/supermarket etc. Existing in-store technology and systems have often been cited by CIO's as a roadblock to launching their innovation and competitive edge retail visions, Zynstra removes this roadblock.

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