A digitally managed farming technology provides most efficient aeroponics nutrient delivery practice and calibrated grow environment for plants to thrive.


Bifarm Tech uses state-of-art computing and IoT technology to address the challenges associated with the most advanced cultivation method, aeroponics, enabling it for the deserved wide application.

With Bifarm's precision aeroponics and environment control, plants thrive and produce high-quality harvests, achieving up to 18x return compared to the traditional cultivation approach. The growing conditions are automated and replicable for future growing seasons and across facilities, ensuring quality consistency - a foundation of scaled operations.

Its signature benefit of being efficient in water and energy makes it an outstanding sustainable farming solution with minimum environmental impact and results in better ROI. Growing with the aeroponics method eliminates the heavy usage of water and soil, enabling it to be the perfect candidate for vertical farming.

The above efficiency paves the way for the wide adoption of farming in urban settings, which is traditionally subjected to resource constraints of energy, water, and space. Supplying locally grown food in urban spaces reduces the greenhouse gas emission and food waste associated with transportation. Growing without large land also reduces energy and greenhouse emissions caused by equipment running on the farmlands (non-transportation mobility usage).

Growing food in urban areas using Bifarm's precision aeroponics with its controlled environment is a great way to ensure food access security in the context of the increased urban population, climate change, and logistic & labor disruptions.

Key Benefits

Precision aeroponics for thriving growth
Controlled environment for plant protection and quality crafting
Efficiency in energy, water, and space
Consistent, reliable, and sustainable operations


Indoor and greenhouse farming

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