Precision Agriculture App

Enable farmers to optimise field operations

Simple to use GPS based solutions that enable farmers to optimise field operations, helping them to control costs.


John Arrell founded Sixty-5 out of an existing precision agriculture service business, the service business worked within Ireland and provided technical solutions to mainly large arable farms. An increasing number of smaller farms mainly dairy and beef / sheep farmers made enquiries into the existing technology. As the existing technology was aimed at the larger arable farms this market segment did not have the resources our technical ability to adopt it. About the Technology Sixty-5 was founded out of this frustration with the aim of making really simple solutions and software that overcome these barriers to adoption. Our initial product which is a machine guidance application shows a 3D representation of the field, where the farmer is carrying out the treatment and where to drive next to avoid overlaps and skips. A further benefit of the device is that it automatically captures time, and area data that can used for further enterprise management and sends this to the cloud. The USP is the product is an Android based App that is really simple to use (one button operation) and opens up this market segment to new technology. The other market sector that does a lot of the work for theses types of farmers is the agricultural contractor, what we found with these guys were are able to optimise their machines and drivers while in the field but more importantly build an enterprise management solution around the data collected to enable them to manage their staff, machinery, customers and billing more accurately. By engaging with agri-contractors firstly and incentivising them to share data and information via the Sixty-5 portal we are then able to capture farmers data and bring more farmers onto the platform. Our initial objective is a land grab of farmers of which we will use distribution channels to access, an agreement has been made for both France and Ireland with England Scotland and Wales coming online in early 2016. In the background we will be continually developing solutions that add further layers of data to the platform from areas that include satellite observation data, this layered data will then in turn enable more decision enabling products and solutions to further increase the farmers profitability.

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