Prizer is a mobile application, providing users with a social platform to enter prize draws within a community of shops, businesses and events.


Prizer shows its users who’s entered, who’s performance has been rewarded and who won the prize on offer. Businesses can utilize Prizer as a new media tool for marketing their products and brand driving extra footfall to their shop or event. Personal incentives can be used to help interaction. Prizer shops offer something unique, the chance of winning a competition. Prizer rewards & tickets are exclusive to Prizer and can’t be purchased in mass.

Key Benefits

Rewarded for purchases you already make! Offered the opportunity to win specific items or experiences by visiting a shop or location you want to go. Every time you go shopping on and offline there will be a chance of winning a prize you like but perhaps cant afford.


Prizer is applicable to both shoppers and businesses. Adding to the overall shopping experience and boosting footfall and revenue. Prizer can be targeted using location, interest and popularity. Prizer shows it's users who else has entered, who has been rewarded with a win and who has won the prize or discount on offer. Businesses can utilise Prizer as a new media tool for marketing their products, brand and driving extra footfall to their shop/event or location. By providing innovative next generation competitions, Prizer will dramatically increase player engagement and operator marketing effectiveness. Prizer collects data that can be used to drive the correct type of marketing campaign to the appropriate person. Track a visitors journey, how long they stay and what competitions they enter and who has won.

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