A Process to Prepare smaller, mono-disperse Pt alloy aanoparticles by controlling the annealing temperature that increases their durability


In this invention, a modified post-treatment of Pt alloy catalysts prepared by the polyol method are proposed. After the nanoparticles are loaded on supports, the capping agents are carefully removed in an inert atmosphere (N2, Ar, etc.) by keeping the temperature at around 270C. After removing the capping agents and pre-annealed at 400C, the supported catalysts are further annealed at elevated temperatures up to 1200C (preferably 700-1000C) to improve the durability and activity.

Key Benefits

Avoid particle aggregation by minimizing the carbon and metal nanoparticles burning during the capping agents removal process.
Improve the activity and durability of Pt alloy by increasing the annealing temperature.

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