Innovative data governance software-as-a-service solution that enables accurate, credible product data, and ISO 8000-115 compliant product identification


The KOIOS software helps organizations who have a requirement to manage both buy side and sell side product data. The software eliminates data silos and enables consistent, accurate master product data to be shared across the entire organization. The KOIOS software has two key advantages over standard product information management, or data cleansing software. The two differentiators are:

-> A data architecture compliant to the International Standard for data quality - ISO 8000.

The foundation of this architecture is a data dictionary that enables the measurement of the quality of the data, and the exchange of machine-readable product information through the use of unambiguous identifiers.

Flexible, user-defined, data specifications enable the manufacturer to exchange accurate product data, and enable the distributor or end-user to receive credible and valid data to populate their master data records.

-> A software architecture designed for interoperability between multiple systems.

The software uses standard connectors, communication protocols and RESTful APIs. This architecture allows two-way communication between multiple ERP and WMS systems.

These two differentiators would enable the standardisation of terminology and mapping of data from various different sources to a single data requirement.

Data can be exported in standard formats using various syntaxes - to multiple systems, including third party systems such as barcode readers, Point of Sale, and labelling systems.

How it works

The data architecture allows organizations who operate in diverse global locations to manage data in multiple languages by linking terms in one or more natural languages to the designated corporate language whilst allowing the local user to use his preferred language.

The mapping of data from different supplier and manufacturing systems to preferred terminology in the data dictionary, also allows standardisation and control of abbreviations where system constraints restrict the display of the full terms. Consistent abbreviations and descriptions across the whole product range will ensure internal users, customers, and end users all benefit from improved accessibility.

The KOIOS software is a cloud based, product data management and governance SaaS platform based on International Data Quality Standards. In addition to ISO 8000, our system implements ISO 22745 and ISO 29002 at its core. The implementation of the data architecture in these standards enables the creation of consistent, structured, machine-readable product data that can be exchanged with different systems.

All product data created and managed using the KOIOS software conforms to best practice master data architecture.

Implementing data governance software that is compliant to International Data Quality Standards, including ISO 8000, provides any business with a strategic tool that reduces costs by minimising waste and errors, and increases productivity by avoiding manual intervention and relabelling. Issues such as product identification; differentiation; equivalence; and duplication can all be resolved with our solution.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the KOIOS software to organizations and their users are:

-> Improved data quality throughout the data lifecycle

The software is designed with data quality at the forefront. As items are created in the system, data governance and associated quality measurements ensure that poor quality data does not get passed "down the line" and organizations benefit from the culture of "getting it right first time". Product identification elements can be consistently rendered as a result of drawing data objects (classes, property names, property values, units of measurement) from the data dictionary.


-> Interoperability with internal and external systems

Our modern software architecture inclusive of a RESTful API, standard connectors, and open standard formats of data exchange allows genuine interoperability. Interoperability reduces manual handling of data, including the elimination of information being exchanged in spreadsheet formats, a common root cause of data quality problems.


-> Embedded data governance in line with the data strategy of the organization

The software can be configured to map the key elements of the organization's data strategy. This allows the system to drive increased compliance with the strategy and ensures all users are guided to follow the strategy. Governing data in a system designed for this purpose enables both product visibility and data consistency across the entire organization.


-> Quantifiable data quality measurements and conformance to International Data Quality Standards

Data quality dimensions (or characteristics) such as accuracy, completeness, portability, validity, consistency and credibility can be measured and checked against user defined quality gates to automate the governance process and remove the need for manual quality assurance.


-> Globally unique part numbering

The ISO 8000-115 globally unique part numbering system is inbuilt as standard.


-> The ability to manage multilingual data

Through the implementation of data models defined in International Standards, product data can be created and exchanged consistently in multiple languages. Organizations benefit from being able to provide product data in native languages to International customers.


-> Potential access to product data from component manufacturers

The data governance module is part of a larger platform of master data software modules, which includes a product data library where manufacturers can upload product data. Organizations using the data governance module are allowed access to this product data library. We work with organisations to contact the manufacturers they work with to proactively upload product data to the product data library.


-> Modern Agile software development

The software is a cloud-based software as a service product. Organizations will benefit from new features being released and every client will always be on the most up to date version. Bespoke feature requests are always considered and managed through our agile development processes.


The software is designed for to suit varied applications with the aim of governing master data throughout the product life-cycle across multiple industrial sectors including: Asset Intensive Industries such as Automotive, Construction, Defence, Oil & Gas Exploration and Refining, Renewable Energies, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Utilities (including Gas and Electricity Generation and Distribution, Water, etc.), Industrial Parts Manufacturing, and Industrial Distribution,

The primary applications are:

-> Organizations wanting to improve the quality of their product master data and exchange this data with their suppliers, distributors and customers.

-> Organizations wanting consistent product master data across all internal computer systems, including: eCommerce platforms, Sales Order Processing systems, Warehouse Management Systems and more.

-> Organizations wanting to improve the quality of their material master data to improve their Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) operations

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