Taking into account environmental & personalized factors, a Skin Condition Analysis Application that tracks the progression of the skin health over time w/product recommendations


Taking the skin conditions analysis into another level way beyond analyzing the facial image to detect wrinkles, dark spots and texture types by adding into consideration the profile of the user.

Our proposed AI solutions will be a mobile App that can be downloaded by millions of users. Every user need to create a detailed profile that includes: their Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Type of skin, Skin conditions that they may have, sleep habits, if they are smoker, drink Alcohol or any other information that can affect their skin condition in general such as where they are living to stream the weather conditions for that area.

Taking all this information to feed our AI proposed solutions plus our state of the art image processing innovation to analyze facial skin images on a daily basis for the App users will help to recommend the right products for their skins, monitor the progress of the treatment and do the adjustment if needed at the right time.

Every user of the App will be able to build a log history for their skin conditions over time to have a clear idea about what works for them the best not only from the skin care product perspective but also from daily life habits and how that affects their skin.
From the company's perspective, they will have access to extremely valuable big data that is very well structured and organized for millions of users and the results of applying certain products for a certain time. This data can be very important for the R&D teams who are creating the products, for Marketing teams who are developing their marketing strategy and many other stakeholders.

Key Benefits

Reduce returns
Increase conversions
Increase average order value
Increase brand engagement and time spent


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