Content management for offers and campaigns combined with acceptance at multiple touchpoints Plus data analytics, APIs, even webshop or chatbot integration.


Shopping habits are rapidly changing. Customers expect timely personalized communication. COVID-19 accelerated digital-first culture.

Promolab Trusty offers solutions for consumer promotions to all your channgels. It is a B2B content management system, where consumer promotions can be managed with increased efficiency. It provides regional, multi language development to serve all participants' inquiries on any web surfaces. Campaigns can be quickly developed, contents are editable.

Added bonus is the real time data (consumer and platform statistics) to improve transparency in all channels. To achieve the most effective results, and for better customer experience, we can build in our campaign engine in webshops, our apps via API connection replacing the single microsites on custom link.

Key Benefits

By shifting from paper based coupons and/or manual campaign operation, you will enjoy
- 10x reduced execution timeframe
- next-to-unlimited targeting
- realtime, self-service reports
- faster turnover impact
- reduced CO2 footprint


Coupon types:
1. STAMP - Collecting and redeem stamps for gift vouchers
2. PERCENT - % discount, after purchases during a specific period
3. POINT - Collecting points after the purchase
4. NEXT - % discount from the next purchase after the amount spent

Channel types:
1. Promotional websites
2. Chatbot + website
3. Server API service

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