Prosopis Glandulosa ground pods to treat muscle tissue damage from exhaustive exercise. It strengthens and speeds up healing of contused skeletal muscle and decreases inflammation.


Prosopis Glandulosa, commonly referred to as Honey Mesquite, has been discovered to strengthen skeletal muscle and boost healing of contused skeletal muscle. Exercise induced muscle fatigue is common among all levels of exercise due to prolonged athletic activity. This is reversible through rest and appropriate nutrition. However, consumption of ground pods of Prosopis Glandulosa have been found to treat damage and inflammation of muscle tissue, leading to improved muscle force production. It can be added as an ingredient to existing products such as shakes, chocolate bars or taken as supplements or used as a food additive.

Key Benefits

Effective treatment from preparation made from a plant-derived product, that is easy and cheap to cultivate.
Harvesting of the plant will not deplete any natural resources.
No need for complex refining processes
It is more effective as an anti-inflammatory agent than known NSAID products


Food supplement or additive

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