The invented device is real-time diagnostic tool that enables data-driven fitment. It can be integrated with current processes.


  PRODUCT OPPORTUNITY •       System and software for improved prosthetic fitment   ADVANTAGES •       Real-time diagnostic tool •       Enables data-driven fitment •       Integrates with current processes   TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION An ill-fitting prosthesis can result in discomfort and can compromise mobility and performance. Therefore, there is a strong need for innovative diagnostic tools for quantifying the socket-limb interface during the fitment process. Scientists at UMass Amherst have developed a prosthetic socket fitment tool which applies recently-available high-precision line-of-sight ultrasound transceivers and intuitive visualization software to provide a quantifiable internal measurement of the residual limb and bone movement to a prosthetist during the fitment process. This tool will inform the positioning of socket components to ensure a comfortable fit for the patient.   AVAILABILITY: Available for Licensing and/or Sponsored Research   DOCKET: UMA 15-070   PATENT STATUS: Patent Pending  

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