pulp based biomaterials

Cambond have developed a 100% plant based bioresin this can be combied with paper/pulp to form a range of packaging and construction materials. Low carbon and scalable.


Large volumes of paper waste can be used to produce boards for furniture or construction use. Different types of waste may provide specific material properties. We have aslo used this approach to producs a range of moulded paper waste products. This solution provides a scalable way to turn waste intovaluble consumer products. Or resin is 100% plant based so products can be made biodegradable or re-cyclabledepending nuse.

Key Benefits

Provides a scalable solution to pulp waste problems. Opens the market to a range of advanced pulp/paper based materials. Manufacturing processes defined and could be scaled within 12 months


Pulp can be used to make board for furniture. Some types of pulp with high mineral content could be used to make fireproof biocomposites for aerospace/automotive sectors. Presin/pulp combined with biodegradable/comostable polymers offer the way to a range of packagin/cutlery/plates etc for the restauran/hositaliy sector.

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