PureSea seaweed ingredients are sourced in the pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides, with innovations around flavour and nutrition that meet market trends and consumer demands


PureSea naturally innovative seaweed ingredients are sustainably harvested from the pristine Scottish Outer Hebrides, and processed using proprietary technologies to produce our PureSea Natural, Smoked and Protect powders.
The innovations around this core seaweed means we can scale into the 1000s of tonnes a year sustainably, and the ingredients can be used in any food, beverage and nutrition product.
Everything we do is driven by science and research, with partnerships with leading UK universities.

Key Benefits

PureSea seaweed offers sustainable, innovative and on-trend food ingredients that can have multiple benefits, in commercially viable formats and inclusion levels, summarised as:
- Health Halo: Consumers have been shown to positively perceive seaweed, and products containing it, as healthy
- Health and Nutrition: Providing key nutrients, addressing known national deficiencies (being the only plant based good source of essential iodine), and enabling EU Approved Health Claims on pack.
- Flavour enhancement: Enhancing flavour and reducing salt, as well as providing flavours of the sea for plant based fish products. There is also a flavourless option for when all the nutritional and health benefits are needed, but with no impact on finished product flavour.


PureSea is used extensively across the nutrition market as well as food and beverage.
PureSea has been used into products for M&S, PepsiCo, Premier Foods, Sainsbury's and many more across almost every category including nutritional supplements, meat, fish, beverage, soups, sauces, plant based, dairy, snacking and more to meet the benefits listed above and meet market trends and consumer demand.

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