Carboilex pyrolysis reactor is an innovative and energy efficient unit for handling of different waists. Pilot plant had been developed and tested with a capacity of 5 tpd.


Pyrolisys process complies the thermal destruction of different waste materials, i.e. end-of-life tyres, plastic drums and bottles, exhasted oils and similar without entrainment of air. The final products you can have are: black oil, bunker fuel, nafta, and its processing products.

Key Benefits

The Carboilex pyrolysis unit can be effectively used to get rid of dangereous industrial waste, such as rubber, wood, plastic bottles from the industrial motor oils and other stuff of the kind. More over the final products of the Pyrolysis process have high commercial value and could be used as alternative fuel in liquid form.


The Carboilex pyrolysis reactor can be used for handling the different types of industrial and domestic waste. It could be easily skaleable for any specified task from 2 up to 100tn per day processing. The process is highly energy efficient, because the external source of heat energy is only needed at the starting point of the operation. Usually it takes up to 5 minutes to initiate the pyrolysis process. The flue gases and emissions to the atmosphere is none, due to the reliable and wellproven CarbonCapt CCL unit, utilized for effective CO2 Capture.

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