RPD cuts cost and risk by operating as an external process to engineer, certify, test and scale global manufacturing – helping internalise successful product supply chains.


About Us

RPD International helps companies develop and produce new products. We work directly with senior management and R&D or Innovation teams, to solve problems, develop sustainable solutions and bring them to market.

Whilst our skills are broad, our focus is on helping clients get to market with their products – offering end-to-end services – from concept through to mid-scale manufacturing.  We build agile innovation processes, to run cost effective R&D projects within your organisation.

RPD teams work on a vast number of projects, across Europe and Asia. We’re based across two offices, in the UK and China, with manufacturing facilities across 40 countries. Our clients range from consumer electronics to aerospace and motorsport engineering, often looking to push their innovation processes, reduce R&D risk, cut costs or increase their production resource.

Our Approach

RPD works with clients across 4 main service offerings. These are designed to help our clients to move a project from early innovation through development and testing, into consumer testing and production in the most efficient way.

 Our end-to-end approach allows clients to save considerable amounts of time and money in the development process. Traditionally companies are contracting with multiple teams through a development process, overlapping work and re-learning from issues along the way. Our clients work largely through one RPD contact for the entire product development cycle, allowing continuity between project milestones, lowering risk of errors and miscommunication between contractors. We work with your internal resource to handle planning, engineering, procurement and logistics – simplifying the way you work and leaving you open to keep thinking bigger.

We are focussed on helping you plan ahead, creating visibility on a product launch very early in development. We use early Innovation Design Studies to provide an outlook on the entire process, with predicted budgets and timelines for both development, and the proposed end product.

Early studies propose suitable technical and design overview, of how a brief may be solved – summarised in a number of detailed propositions. Each proposition is packaged into a prediction of development stages, costs and timelines – along with estimated production costs for each potential solution.


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