Advanced bonded telecoms solution wherever you need it – Disaster Recovery, Events, Temporary offices and Construction sites. Use as main connectivity or as a back-up.


We help businesses solve complex internet connectivity challenges including
• Reducing downtime due to communications problems
• Providing resilience to existing connectivity
• Building and managing multi-site networks efficiently
• Employing new technologies to deliver actionable data
As an innovative, agile, responsive Network Services Company, we enable smart cities across the UK and we enable smart businesses across the world.
We have been supporting companies of all sizes for over 11 years and the experience and skills we have acquired over that time ensures that we are known as a trusted partner. Our award-winning solutions offer faster communications, access to bigger data, reduce exposure to network outages and put customers back in control of their data networks.


Comms365 Continuum bonded Internet Solution is a fully portable Internet connection in a Box solution that utilises whatever 3G or 4G connectivity is available in any location. It takes connectivity from multiple mobile providers and combines the connections; the throughput can be controlled and it delivers instant high performance Internet connectivity. This Continuum unit is capable of providing Internet access to laptops, tablets, IP phones and printers and can securely connect back to any main corporate network. The service comes with fixed public (or private) IPs as standard. Delivery can be as quick as same day in emergency situations.

1. Niche identified for high performance, instant Internet for any location.
2. Research and development. Select and test each component for compatibility, performance and use across a variety of sectors.
3. Once all components were selected a case was needed that could house all of the components safely and securely. Overall weight and ensuring that the unit was portable were key considerations, along with durability.
4. Unit tested in UK and Europe.
5. Additional components identified to add a firewall, switch and Wi-Fi
6. Final decision to have a custom-made case built. Other design features achieved – waterproof, drop-proof, carry handles, wheels.
7. Unit successfully field tested.
8. Launched.

Key Benefits

Provides immediate Internet connectivity in any location.

High perfomance Internet connection, using bonding technology to combine multiple connections to satisfy all types of requirements.

Portable and ruggidized unit which means the unit can be rolled into position and used immediately.


Primary Internet connectivity for remote locations or to avoid disruption and penalty caused by delayed fixed line installations.

Ideal for construction sites, new warehouses, new office space and events where fixed line connections may not be readily available.

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