AI-driven CNN-based algorithm to autonomously detect and track drone threats using optical sensors


Quantum offers the market RAPTORVISION, a proprietary and highly effective autonomous means to protect critical infrastructure, VVIPS and events from drone threats. As drones move further away from remote controlled or even GPS enabled navigation, they become harder to detect. Radar solutions are vulnerable to false positives and RF detection is unlikely to be effective when faced with competent adversaries.

RAPTORVISION uses a broad and deep proprietary detection model to provide customers with a reliable solution to detecting drone threats and improve their resilience. Available as SaaS in edge or hosted options, Quantum can tailor solutions to suit all requirements.

Key Benefits

Protect from disruption caused by malign or unintentional drone threats; reduce risk to life, negative economic effects and reputation.

RAPTORVISION offers a highly efficacious optical drone detection capability. It is entirely autonomous and uses Quantum's AI-driven algorithm to rapidly detect and track aerial objects using high-end commercial optics and only alert its customer when a drone is detected - other objects are disregarded.

RAPTORVISION is effective against all types of drones whether they are radio controlled or operating autonomously. It is passive and safe and may be hosted remotely or delivered on the edge.


RAPTORVISION is a highly suitable choice to protect critical national infrastructure such as refineries, airports and research centres. It may be used for HNWI and VVIP protection as well as for stand-alone events such as Head of State visits, conferences and summits plus global sporting events.

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