A range of platforms for organisations wishing to get started with a new platform but do not have the time or capability to develop one themselves


We represent Multisys Corp, the largest IT company in the Philippines. They dominate the sector because they have developed a large number of ready-to-use, ready-to-integrate platforms, which can be white labelled as required. Their solutions are already being used by over 2,500 companies in their home territory. Multisys has more than 400 IT experts including hundreds of full stack programmers.

As well as its standard products (which can be adapted as required), Multisys will also develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of individual organisations. Based in the Philippines, they are English-speaking, with low overhead & wage costs, coupled with a wide and well-educated pool from which to draw their workforce.

Their business departments include eServices, eBusiness, eGovernment, eCommerce, eBanking & Finance, eHealth, eLearning and eTechnology; so whatever your activity, the chances are that there is a Multisys solution which works for you. They already have customers in a wide range of sectors, including Government Service, Utility Companies, Cable & Internet, the Financial Sector, Health & Insurance, Schools & Universities, Online Shopping, Transportation, Travel & Hotels, Digital & Payment Gateways and in Property.

There are well over 20 platforms available, many of them developed in a response to the pandemic, enabling businesses and governments to manage the issues the pandemic has created. These include digital payment solutions, non-contact transactions and medical wallets (enabling individuals to retain ownership of their medical history, whilst simultaneously allowing organisations to engage with them, and allow them to enter premises, airports, airlines, malls, stadia and so on based on their certified COVID-19 test and vaccination records).

Other available platforms include the following:

MultiPay - enabling merchants, utilities and governments to manage payments with and for their customers.

MultiStore - a hybrid eCommerce platform with integrated end-to-end digital ePayment, eMarket, eKitchen and eGrocery features, complete with eDelivery.

MultiBank - a virtual banking platform which can be integrated with any physical and online banking, electronic wallets and eCommerce systems.

HealthBox - a complete management solution for hospitals, clinics, GPs and chemists, offering an integrated package for managing individual organisations, as well as integration between different elements ofa health management system.

There are many other available platforms, such as MultiFresh, MeCom, TransBox, BiDa, BioMat, Middle, CiPa, uBox, MeGov, iPOS, Stackbox, TxtBox, ChatBox, JobBox, MS-IIS (a border control and immigration system), School Box, InsureBox and so on.

We are available to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can solve them cost-effectively, while taking years out of your development programmes. As we as your specific needs and challenges, we enable you to respond to the systemic changes in commerce, banking, retailing and many other sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic, and respond quickly and effectively.

Key Benefits

The key benefits include:
- Ready made solutions available
- They can be white labelled
- An experienced team ready to manage integration
- Solutions can be adapted as required
- Bespoke solutions also available
- Costs are affordable
- Immediate solutions available to tackle COVID-19 pandemic issues


The wide range of pre-packaged platform solutions mean that there is a ready-made solution for organisations in most sectors.
For example, if your company provides IT solutions, you can utilise the expertise of Multisys as a hidden back office function.
Even if you are a leader in your field, you can add additional capability and functionality to your offering.
It is always costly and time consuming to create new digital programs, coupled with risks related to debugging and programming errors. These issues can be side-stepped through the use of Multisys as your back office, incorporating tried and tested solutions.
Whatever your application, we will be happy to evaluate it and advise if it is something that we can address speedily and cost-effectively for you.

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