Real-time Coating Measurement

Fast and precise non-contact coating and film thickness measurement solutions

SpecMetrix systems deliver real-time absolute thickness measurement data for most applied coil coatings. These breakthrough non-contact tools measure wet or dry coated layers


The long-standing challenge of improving the efficiency and quality of coating and film application measurement processes can be attributed to a shortfall in quantifiable information related to applied coating and finish quality as well as in-process metrics. The absence of accurate coating thickness data leads to imprecise and improper application, quality claims and a myriad of financial impacts. Fast-growing Sensory Analytics is addressing this challenge with a suite of advanced coating and paint thickness measurement solutions to help curb plant waste streams while reducing man-hours, material costs and QA test times. At the core, the company’s SpecMetrix® systems are a breakthrough line of non-contact and non-destructive DFT measurement systems that change the way traditional and emerging global manufacturers measure their applied coatings, ranging from transparent treatments to thicker, highly pigmented applied coatings. Innovative SpecMetrix systems, an exclusive combination of software, algorithms and electro-optical system designs, easily integrate into manufacturing control processes to deliver unprecedented levels of highly accurate and immediate in-process coating QA and operation data. These user-friendly and cost-effective solutions are offered as off-line QA/R&D tools and as in-line process control systems for the continuous measurement of wet or dry coatings on the production line. SpecMetrix systems incorporate Sensory’s advanced ROI and EXR non-contact and non-destructive optical technologies that deliver a precise stream of absolute measurement data for an extended thickness range covering primers, back coats and most top coats. These systems help enhance plant productivity by reducing QA and production costs, minimizing environmental footprint by decreasing waste, improving coating process control and streamlining plant QA processes. These impactful new offerings from Sensory have been selected for Technology and Innovation awards by technical juries on three continents. Prior to the arrival of SpecMetrix systems, coating measurement gauge options for the steel strip industry have been limited to only contact and destructive gauges that have poor Gage R&R performance. All SpecMetrix systems ship with verified Gage R&R results <5%, setting a higher industry standard for system performance. The versatility and technological advances of these next-generation systems solve significant industrial measurement challenges and will enable manufacturers to meet future coating measurement needs; ushering in both financial and quality benefits to system users. Sensory Analytics continues to work together with leading manufacturers, processors and coating suppliers to drive significant quality improvements and industrial QA process changes to established markets. SpecMetrix systems’ ability to monitor protective coating application performance in real-time will help coated metal producers to better quantify its high standards of coating quality and product performance. For further information on Sensory Analytics or its exclusive SpecMetrix systems, visit

Key Benefits

SpecMetrix systems set a higher standard for the non-contact, non-destructive and real-time measurement of transparent and pigmented primers and top coats, wet or dry. These high-speed in-process measurement systems offer maximum flexibility as they accurately measure the broadest range of coil top coats including polyester, silicone modified polyester, epoxy, texture, metalized, decorative and PVDF/Fluropon type coatings. Designed to streamline plant set-up, changeover and inspection times while reducing coating costs, SpecMetrix systems use exclusive optical technologies to improve coating process control and product quality over multiple substrates in diverse coil plant processes, whether on-line or off. Key benefits include: -Non-contact and non-destructive measurements -Versatile and substrate independent -Provide absolute thickness measurement data -Nanometric precision down to sub micron levels -Faster and highly accurate sample testing -Reduced environmental footprint for plants -Continuous in-line coating thickness data -Superior Gage R&R performance over traditional gauges -No measurement calibration required to produce accurate results -Traversing and fixed probe in-line system configurations available


In-process measurement solutions and off-line testing systems for: Metal coil coatings Metal container coatings Coated films, foils and paper Coated electronics and medical products Coated aerospace and automotive products Thin films and sub micron layer coating thickness

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