A technology that provides an accurate hand pointing estimation system for human-computer interactions.


The present technology provides a hand pointing estimation system based on two regular cameras, which includes hand region detection, hand finger estimation, two views' feature detection, and 3D pointing direction estimation. The hand detection system has similarities to a binary pattern face detector, in which a polar coordinate system is proposed to represent the hand region, and achieved a good result in terms of the robustness to hand orientation variation. To estimate the pointing direction, an Active Appearance Model (AAM) based approach was applied to detect and track 14 feature points along the hand contour from a top view and a side view. Combining two views of the hand features, the 3D pointing direction is estimated.

Key Benefits

Real time robust tracking of hand using two orthogonal cameras without any intrusive glove or marks.
Accurate pointing in a cursor resolution.
Intuitive drawing in a 3D place.
Feasible for finger pointing in a long distance.


Medical systems and assistive technologies
Entertainment (i.e. computer and console video games)
Crisis management and disaster relief
Computer animation techniques

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