A system offering remote access to IEDs for configuration and automated collection of disturbance records across various protocols, their analytics and prediction.


The 'Automated fault analysis using centralized IED management' represents a pivotal innovation in substation automation and management. Kalkitech, a leader in the field, has developed a Centralized Protection IED Management system that is a cornerstone of modern Smart Grid infrastructure. This system allows for remote accessibility, enabling utilities to manage grid disturbances from a centralized location and prevent outages, thereby increasing efficiency and reliability of power distribution. It employs advanced substation automation systems that facilitate the monitoring and control of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) across various substations. This is accomplished through the Power System Enterprise Suite (PSES), which offers remote configuration capabilities, disturbance data handling, and robust redundancy support to guarantee continuous operation. The suite's ability to manage a variety of IEDs and protocols also makes it invaluable for utilities aiming to transition towards unmanned substations and thus propelling forward the smart grid evolution.

Key Benefits

The 'Automated fault analysis using centralized IED management' offers a remarkable range of benefits that can transform substation and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) management. Integrating PSES Software with SYNC 3000 and SYNC 2000, this innovation enhances remote configuration options, enabling settings to be adjusted from a control center or other locations seamlessly. It significantly enhances the backup and version management for settings and configuration files, ensuring data integrity and historical tracking. The retrieval and storage of disturbance data are also core benefits, allowing immediate and future analysis to support proactive and informed decision-making processes. It enables comparative analysis of disturbance data, a traditionally challenging task for protection engineers and system operators, by collecting data in a common format combined with a robust visualization interface. The online health monitoring empowers real-time views and assessments of device status, ensuring quick responsiveness and maintenance. Moreover, user authentication and access control ensure system security, while communication alarms and elaborate event lists keep operators informed of all critical events. Lastly, well-engineered redundancy support provides a safety net against system failure, ensuring that data and operational functionality are preserved with minimal interruption during unexpected outages.


The 'Automated fault analysis using centralized IED management' is beneficial for an array of applications related to the effective management and analysis of power systems. For instance, it serves as an integral part of systems tasked with the centralized management of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) within substations, and it facilitates remote configurability and disturbance data collection. This model is particularly crucial in scenarios where utilities face challenges in maintaining and managing various IEDs across multiple locations. By providing a central monitoring system, such models enable the utility to manage IEDs remotely, offering solutions that incorporate backup and version management of IED configurations, retrieval and storage of disturbance data for analysis, and online health monitoring of devices. This contributes to the enhancement of the reliability and efficiency of the power grid, as it allows for the proactive management of grid disturbances, potentially averting blackouts. The technology supports robust redundancy, which is integral for establishing mirrored control centers across different geographic locations, further fortifying the system against failures through automatic switchover to backup systems.

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